Alternative Data Lifestyle Capturing Alpha in APAC

We used to say “news moves markets.” But can you fill in the idea-generation gaps when there is no news, or economic releases? Is Alt Data in Asia/Pacific maturing to the point where one can process events – regularly – with a high degree of success (alpha)? Who in the region is providing Alt Data and the associated curation technology, how is the data sourced; what’s the take-up been like?

What’s the performance track record for Alt Data in Asia/Pacific? Who’s using it?
How has COVID-19 impacted Alt Data? Are Alt Data consumer spending products collecting e-commerce transactions?
Curation and processing alternatives: what is provided “as a Service”; can it be combined with other KPI data – easily?
Can Alt Data providers generate “panic indexes”?
Where can APAC Alt Data be acquired: Alt Data “boutiques”, Data Vendors, Data Marketplaces(DMs)?

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