Exchange Data International to Facilitate Foreign Marginable Securities

London, November 05, 2021 –Exchange Data International (EDI) will provide market participants with Foreign Marginable Securities (FMS) data that determines portfolio margin eligibility for non-US securities.

Earlier this year the OCC decided to discontinue their Foreign Marginable Securities daily feed. This program will now terminate as of November 12, 2021. The purpose of the feed was to list securities trading on non-US markets that have a “ready market” position. Read More

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CLOUD: A Primer on Third-Party Data Distribution Methods: What Are They and Why Use Them?

No pre-requisite knowledge of cloud required to join this primer. Hear from both data providers distributing data and data consumers ingesting data how distribution and consumption patterns are changing, and understand some of the considerations that go into shifting the evaluation, procurement, and use of data in the cloud. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

What are the primary distribution methods being used to distribute data in the cloud?
What new distribution patterns are evolving given cloud-based services and tools?
What types of financial or alternative data lend themselves well to cloud-based distribution/analysis?
Why are firms shifting to cloud-based data distribution/consumption, looking at scale, security, ease of use?
Why are data providers and consumers increasingly using data marketplaces?

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New York Issue Brief – Part 2

New Member Briefing: Barchart
Speaker: Mark Wator, Head of Sales – Financial & Media, Barchart

Fireside Chat: Decentralized Finance – A New Data Frontier
Interviewer: Kirsten Wegner, CEO, Modern Markets Initiative
Speaker: Jim Greco, Head of Quantitative Trading, Radkl (a GTS company)
Crypto currencies are rapidly changing the face of trading, investing and data. In this fireside chat, hear from two experts on the front lines of digital assets discuss the future – and impact – of DeFi, data access and regulatory challenges. Moderator Kirsten Wegner, the CEO of the Modern Markets Initiative, will interview Jim Greco, head of quantitative trading at Radkl, a new and exciting crypto trading firm launched by global market maker GTS and funded in part by Steven Cohen of Point72.

Google vs. Oracle Supreme Court Decision – Effect on Financial Services Industry
Speaker: Joel Wolfson, Associate General Counsel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
The U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Google v. Oracle case concerns what API computer code can be protected by copyright law. But the decision is about the copyright “fair use” doctrine in a broader context, and so has much to say to those in the financial industry.

New Member Briefing: Crizit
Speaker: Ethan Shen, Managing Partner, Crizit

FISD Update

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New York Issue Brief – Part 1

Opening – Speaker: Tom Davin, Managing Director, FISD/SIIA

Host Sponsor Welcome Host: Rich Winter, Global Head, Market Data and Information Analytics, Fenics

Keynote: Decisions, failures and too much data – a view from the cockpit Speaker: Omri Shtayer, Chief Executive Officer, Lagoon Omri is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Lagoon, a no-code data intelligence platform that empowers investors to make better investment decisions by providing access to the relevant data in the blink of an eye. Prior to Lagoon, Omri served as a major in the Israeli Air force, flying F-16Is and in charge of a joint forces air command cell. In that role, he created tools that allowed him to make better strategic decisions in real-time, plan his missions faster, and remove obstacles for mission-critical communications. In this briefing, Omri will compare the data challenges and available tools facing investors with his experiences in the cockpit of an F16.

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FISD Newsletter – October 2021

Join us for Cloud week at FISD

All FISD members near and far are invited to join us next week for for TWO webinars on the Cloud! No pre-requisite knowledge of cloud required to join these virtual sessions!

October 20 – CLOUD: A Primer on Third-Party Data Distribution Methods: What are they and why use them?

  • Hear from both data providers distributing data and data consumers ingesting data how distribution and consumption patterns are changing, and understand some of the considerations that go into shifting the evaluation, procurement, and use of data in the cloud. Please contact Tracey Shumpert if you have any questions. 

October 21 – CLOUD: Building a Culture that Encourages Innovation, Not Ownership

  • Cloud brings more flexibility, enhances security, offers lower-cost development, better control of data distribution, helping compliance, and easier connections to new technologies. But which are the challenges for this movement? Data lake on Clouds could be a good solution to increase capacity, so what are the trends in this area? What are the guarantees and security of cloud storage? Join us as we deep dive into these questions & more during out October 21 webinar. Please contact Maria Cruz if you have any questions

Member Satisfaction Research

FISD completed the collection and compilation of member satisfaction responses. FISD Executive Committee members conducted interviews and online surveys were sent to those members not available for personal interviews. A total of 67 members responded. The topline results were very favorable, with 88% of respondents reporting that they were “Satisfied” with the value of their FISD membership. FISD will provide a brief to the full membership shortly.

WFIC 2022 Sponsorships Are Selling Fast

World Financial Information Conference (“WFIC”) Sponsorships, which are now available, typically sell out well in advance of the event date and we expect this to be especially true this cycle, as exhibitor inventory is limited. In addition, 2019 sponsors receive first priority to renew their options until September 30th. For this reason, we suggest past sponsors to contact FISD now to reserve their packages, and for potential new sponsors to indicate their interests so that we can prioritize them. Please contact Tracey Shumpert if you have any questions. 

FISD FIA v4.0 eLearning + eLearning = Market Data Education Made Easy

I’m writing to introduce you to the Financial Information Associate (FISD FIA) certification. This credential is trusted by over 2,000 market data professionals. Passing the exam and adding the letters FIA after your name signals to the world that you understand:

  • Markets: trade lifecycle, market participants, major asset classes
  • Data: sources, providers, types and uses of data, pricing models
  • Technology: cloud, software development, AI/ML, data management
  • Issues & Trends: ESG, commercial trends, market regulation/structure

As an FISD member, you and others at your company have access to a member-exclusive discount on the FISD FIA exam + eTraining bundle. For just $940 USD per seat, you will receive access to the exam and self-paced training from Finance Modules to get you up to speed. The Finance Modules course includes:

  • 5 hours of videos divided into short, easy to follow lessons
  • 140 pages of notes
  • 4 mastery quizzes

Learning more about the market data ecosystem will build both your resume and your confidence, but trying to gain expertise without a structured plan amounts to little more than guesswork and wasted time.


Cognizant announced an agreement with Alveo to jointly offer a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data management solution to the financial services industry. The collaboration will offer firms the ability to operationalize ESG data, integrate it into business processes for better portfolio options and address the rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Read More

Beyond 2021 – View on Liquidity

Financial Markets and the Durability of the Post-Pandemic Asia-Pacific Recovery

How the Front Office is the Final Cloud Frontier

Return to work: What will Trading Floors look like? by Ganesh Iyer, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, IPC

IPC To Support Cboe Europe Derivatives Launch

9/11: the colleagues we lost, and the years that followed






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