Buy Side Fireside Chat and Roundtable Confessions of a Quant with Avi Rosenbluth

The Alternative Data council presents this fireside chat and roundtable discussion with Avi Rosenbluth, a quantitative portfolio manager. Avi has deep and broad experience utilizing data to make investment decisions through recent executive roles at AQR and Goldman Sachs. This will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from a typically tight-lipped section of the industry and to discuss your thoughts with peers. Topics will include: the data requirements of discretionary vs. systematic strategies and how alternative data is facilitating some approaches and may hamstring others the importance of timely, frequent, curated and reliable data and what happens when any of these elements is not present what machine learning can and cannot do advice for vendors on when to pursue and when to abandon building out a particular data set the role of regulations and standards in supporting the growth of the alternative data industry. — FISD is the global forum of choice for industry participants to discuss, understand, and facilitate the evolution of financial information for the key players in the value chain including consumer firms, third party groups, and data providers. It is a dynamic environment in which members identify the trends that will shape the industry, and create education opportunities and industry initiatives to address them. For more information about membership, please contact Tracey Shumpert at

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