How can financial firms better manage spiraling market data costs?

With an endless cycle of annual price rises, a lot is at stake for the financial institutions buying this data. Mounting cost pressures make it imperative for firms to understand what information services are being accessed and used so they can manage subscription costs and assess value. With billions spent annually, how do firms gain meaningful visibility and control of their subscription universe and avoid spiraling costs? Read the full blog here.

Bitvore Unveils Game-Changing AI-Powered Predictive Analytics for Supply Chains

RVINE, CA, USA, February 1, 2024 / — Today marks a significant leap in supply chain management as Bitvore announced the official launch of, a new era of intelligent supply chain optimization. Founded by a team of AI experts and data and supply chain veterans, in10 is set to transform how businesses navigate the complexities of modern logistics through advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Read the full press release here.

SIIA Dues Increase

SIIA has announced a 5% dues increase for all members (including FISD members).  The change was approved by the SIIA Board in January, and will go into effect on July 1, 2024.  It will affect membership terms that begin on or after that date. (If your current term ends June 30, 2024 or later, the change will be in force for your next renewal.)  For FISD members this will be the first dues increase in 4.5 years.  During that interval, U.S. CPI has gone up about 19%, and FISD has seen commensurate cost challenges related to staffing, travel, and especially event venues.

TRG Screen: Stay on top of 2024 exchange updates for a successful start to the New Year

Market data professionals, kickstart your 2024 on top. PEAR (Policies, Explanations, Analytics, Repository) helps you to keep up to date with the latest exchange policy trends and interpretations by providing access to information around exchange products, including the fees for accessing & distributing data, as well as understanding how to use the data compliantly. Read the full blog here.