CME Resources on SOFR

A list of resources from CME’s presentation at June 1 FISD New York event. To view the presentation, please click here.

Please see below the links to critical CME Term SOFR resources and the presentation from the webinar.

Frequently Asked Questions   
Answers to help you and your clients with the LIBOR transition. More> 

How to license CME Term SOFR Reference Rates More> 

Case Study: Transitioning a Direct Lender from LIBOR to CME Term SOFR
Learn how CME Term SOFR is helping private lenders servicing SMEs who want to stay aligned with borrowers’ operational and pricing requirements and manage asset impairments during the LIBOR transition. More>

Case Study: A Regional Bank Plans for a Post-Libor World
Read how banks that require a floating reference rate in trade finance, loan syndications, residential mortgages and more are reassessing strategies to manage the asset/liability mix amid the transition out of LIBOR. More>

Case Study: An African Commercial Bank’s Transition from USD LIBOR
Read how an African trade lender identified, selected and operationalized a new reference rate to replace LIBOR in its Trade Finance busines. More>

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