Compliance Panel Redux

The conversation continues! Those familiar with the well-received “Resistance is Futile, Compliance is Required” panel held on February 23 might have appreciated further Trekkie jokes like “Compliance II: Wrath of Contracts”, but we’re playing it straight. We will field an all-new panel to share perspectives on this highly-relevant topic, giving special attention to audience questions. Topics on the agenda include: Defining the problem: why is compliance so hard? Capabilities: do users and providers have the right skills? The right software? Solutions: DRM, entitlements software, contact management tools – what works well and what doesn’t? Audits: Make way for the elephant in the room. How can both parties make this less painful and still (mostly) achieve their contrary goals? Future of compliance: How does what you hope for compare to what you should expect? — FISD is the global forum of choice for industry participants to discuss, understand, and facilitate the evolution of financial information for the key players in the value chain including consumer firms, third party groups, and data providers. It is a dynamic environment in which members identify the trends that will shape the industry, and create education opportunities and industry initiatives to address them. For more information about membership, please contact Tracey Shumpert at

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