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Software piracy is an international problem. In the United States, software piracy costs an estimated $8 billion in lost commercial sales. Piracy is stealing. We need your help to combat this crime. If you see something, say something. Report issues of piracy here. SIIA advocates for the industry and protects intellectual property from theft.

Software Piracy

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Content Piracy

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Software Piracy Program

By reporting software piracy to SIIA you could earn up to $1,000,000. Read more about the
program and reward payment


SIIA has a strict policy to keep all information about you confidential and will not disclose your information unless required by law

What is Corporate End-User Piracy?

Corporate end-user piracy occurs when the software is installed on an organization's computers without the proper licenses from the software publisher

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The form can be used to report organizations of any kind. The form should be used to report the use of pirated software within a company, a school, a trade association, or any other kind of organization.

We will review the report and promptly follow up with a questionnaire asking you some additional questions that are important to our investigation. Once we collect all the information we need, we review the report for accuracy, reliability, completeness, and timeliness. Our approach is very conservative — we will only pursue a case where we feel very confident that we have reliable and extensive information that the target organization is pirating software. Once we decide to pursue a case, SIIA’s counsel contacts the president or other high-ranking officer at the company to request that the company conduct a voluntary software audit. The company provides SIIA with a copy of the audit results that show the names and number of software programs loaded onto its workstations. The company will also provide SIIA with documentation to try and prove that it has sufficient licenses for the software. If unauthorized software is found SIIA will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the company based on the illegal software found through the audit. If no unauthorized software is found in this audit process, the case is closed. If the company refuses to conduct an audit, SIIA may sue the company for copyright infringement on behalf of its members. This entire process may take as long as 18 months.

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If you have any questions or want to report software piracy by phone or email.

Phone: 1-800-388-7478.