Webinar Video: Retail Traders in Asia Drive Growth: What, Where and How Are They Trading?

Webinar: June 7.

During the pandemic Asia retail investors were “seduced” with the prospect of exponential returns for short-term trading (equities, crypto, CFDs).  The volatility and the ‘gamblification of trading’ led to dramatic losses and high customer churn.   Exchanges and brokers are making an effort to emphasize the importance of educational tools and new analytical capabilities to improve trading behaviour, expectations and risk management.

    • Do retail investors know how to access international markets; do they understand the difference between a “CFD equity share” and actually owning the share?
    • Is a different commercial data model, ie. “Actual vs Entitled Data Usage” commercial policies a critical factor to the success of the retail investor?
    • Who are the new services / platforms than plan to introduce global equities data and trading services to retail; are they partnering with traditional financial institutions;  where do they come from, what are their objectives?
    • Do “new generation” technologies like AI/ML figure into the education/behaviour equation; “robo-assist”?

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