4 Facts to Calm Your Nerves about Taking The FISD FIA

Maybe it’s been a few years since you last took a test. Maybe a lot is riding on your result. Whatever the reason, you’re nervous to attempt the FISD FIA. Before you reschedule for a later date, check out these facts about the exam.

  1. Over 77% of test takers have passed the FISD FIA on the first attempt. If you’ve studied the syllabus material diligently, you have every reason to expect you’ll pass the exam.
  2. Your score will never be published. You might want to brag about your result, but FISD will never disclose your scores to anyone other than you.
  3. Retakes are available. Retakes of the FISD FIA are available for $150 with no waiting period. If you something goes awry, you can always try again.
  4. You’re not alone. Nearly 1,100 market data professionals have passed the FISD FIA. You can be sure that some of them were even more apprehensive than you are about sitting for a certification exam. Kicking the can down the road didn’t help any of them — bravely attempting the exam is what earned them the credential.

Review your notes and find a nice spot to hang your FISD FIA plaque — you’ve got this!

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