Taking the Exam

Test takers pay for their exam online through Kryterion's Webassessor portal. You may pay for your exam via a credit card or if you purchase exams for a group, FISD will provide voucher codes for your group to use. Note that at-home exams require no advance scheduling and can be completed on-demand in a single 2 hour 40 minute stretch.

The FISD Data Licensing Specialist certification focuses on some of the knottiest issues facing the financial services industry. 

Data licensing, compliance, and the various ways data can be derived and redistributed can be the source of headaches. A deep understanding of data licensing and its attendant issues can help professionals:

  • Avoid costly fees for non-compliance or paying for data when they shouldn’t.
  • Understand their customers’ pain points.
  • Speak the language of vendors, sub-vendors, and end users – understanding all sides of data licensing makes you a more effective communicator on behalf of your business.

The first in a planned series of FISD Level 2 exams, the Data Licensing Specialist is a 100-question multiple choice exam. Candidates have up to 2 hours 40 minutes to complete the exam at home via the Kryterion Webassessor online portal.

The official syllabus lists the key concepts candidates must master in order to pass the exam. These are organized into three sections: Firms and Roles in the Licensed Data Life CycleLicensing, and Governance, Compliance and Audit.