For Candidates

Are you considering the FISD FIA for yourself? Adding the three letters FIA after your name will say a lot about you:

  • You’re an expert. FIAs are recognized for their broad knowledge of issues facing the market and reference data industry. You can be depended upon to know what you’re talking about.
  • You go the extra mile. You pushed yourself to study material directly related to your job function as well as learn about important industry issues that matter to your colleagues and clients.
  • You’re proud of your achievement. Preparing for the FISD FIA exam and earning the passing score has boosted your confidence. You know you’re knowledgeable about the financial information industry and you want others to know it too.

The FISD FIA exam is valuable because it is as challenging as it is wide-ranging, but preparing to earn the credential is simple. Let the FISD FIA syllabus be your guide. Like the test itself, the syllabus is organized in four sections: markets, data, technology, and issues and trends. The entire FISD FIA curriculum is laid out in the syllabus.

While you may choose to rely solely on your work experience and research to address each topic in the syllabus, FISD recommends that you engage a professional trainer to better structure your preparation and help you fill any gaps in your knowledge. Recognized trainers have developed their instruction to closely follow the FISD FIA syllabus. You can choose from classroom training for yourself and your colleagues in your building, public courses, or self-paced online learning. Explore the Training page to learn more about available options. Professional trainers don’t just improve your odds of achieving a passing score – they also help you save money on the exam. Each test taker who buys a license for eLearning or participates in a public/custom training course receives a $75 discount off of their exam.

For Employers

Are you considering the FISD FIA for your staff? Developing your staff with the FISD FIA certification program will show your clients and competitors that your company is among the best in the business.

  • Build morale as you set a standard for excellence. When you invest in your employees, they’ll give you their best work. Set your employees up for greater success with the FISD FIA. They’ll gain the fundamental knowledge from the FISD FIA syllabus and you’ll gain a more competent, more productive team.
  • Rise above the competition. Extensive knowledge of the market and reference data industry distinguishes FISD FIA holders from the rest. Your clients and prospects want to work with the best people, and the best people are FIAs. Instead of reeling off a litany of industry experience, your employees can save their breath – the letters FIA after their names will do the talking for them.
  • Recruit more effectively. Look for job applicants with the FISD FIA if you want candidates with a solid foundation in the market and reference data industry. Offer to put new hires through the FISD FIA to show your commitment to their career development.
The FISD Financial Information Associate (FISD FIA) certification establishes the credentials of market and reference data practitioners.

FIAs have passed a rigorous exam covering of four key topics: markets, data, technology, and industry issues and trends. As an employee, you can’t afford to hope that your work speaks for itself. Show your commitment to expanding your knowledge with the FISD FIA. As an employer, you don’t have time to waste getting your staff up to speed. Recruit FIAs for their demonstrated expertise and invest in your existing staff to increase their productivity.

This Level 1 certification is ideal for:

  • Practitioners who are relatively new to the industry (typically between 1-3 years of experience). Certification will provide a robust foundation for your career.
  • Those working in a highly specialized department looking to transition into another segment of the financial information industry. Certification will give you insight into the broader industry and empower you to take your career in a new direction.