Choose how you want to prepare for the FISD FIA exam

Formal training for the FISD FIA is not required. Your extensive industry experience may have armed you with enough knowledge to succeed on the exam. However, the typical candidate needs training on some or all sections of the syllabus to earn the FISD FIA. FISD invited a selection of trusted training providers to create preparation courses and material specifically tailored to the FISD FIA exam. Training options include public seminars, private classroom courses where the trainer can come to your facility, and online learning, so there’s bound to be a solution that meets your needs. In addition to setting you up for success on exam day, engaging a recognized trainer has the added benefit of a $75 discount off of the exam fee for each training participant.  All trainers are independent of FISD.


Finance Modules

All new for FISD FIA v4.0. The self-paced Finance Modules eTraining course features 7 hours 40 minutes of video instruction divided across four modules that track with the FISD FIA syllabus: The Markets, The Data, Technology, and Issues & Trends. To supplement this content Learning Modules includes 140+ pages of notes, and four self-assessment quizzes, one after each module. 445 GBP fee per user.

FISD members may purchase an exam + Finance Modules training bundle for $940 USD (normally $1,035 if buying both). Click REGISTER to purchase your bundle online from the FISD exam catalog (you will need to create an exam account to proceed) or contact Hope Wilkes to purchase your bundle via invoice.

Contact: Tony Gibson

Private Classroom Courses Only


(also offers an eLearning component)

Based in the UK and serves Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Data Practitioner Foundation Course is a 2-day course which provides a broad foundation in data-related knowledge including regulations, data modeling and design, data quality management, data ownership, data governance plus the entire FISD FIA syllabus. This course additionally includes 7 hours of eLearning plus quizzes and notes.

Fee: dependent on trainer’s travel requirements, number of students
Contact: Dennis Slattery


Consulting firm based in the Netherlands offering a two-day Expert training course is designed to teach candidates the essential knowledge for the FISD FIA.

Fee: dependent on trainer’s travel requirements, number of students
Contact: John Lathouwers   

Both Public and Private Courses
AFO Training Johannesburg

Two-day course based on the FISD FIA v4.0 syllabus. Class size is limited to 25 participants.

Contact: Kelvin Thomson

KSS Training

Based in the UK and serving North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, the trainers affiliated with KSS offer public and private courses that teach to the FISD FIA v4.0 syllabus. Four mini-courses guide candidates through the entire exam syllabus. In the case of private courses, it’s possible to tailor the length of instruction to either 2 or 3 days based on candidates’ needs.

Contact: David Curran

MDS at Work

MSD at Work is an Amsterdam based Market Data Consultancy firm offering two-day public Market Data courses that cover a range of industry topics as well as the FISD FIA v4.0 syllabus. Customized Market Data training programs can be conducted in a classroom environment or remotely and will include useful examples from our day to day consultancy practice. All trainers have gained experience at vendors or end user firms, and most recently at TRG Screen (previously known as Screen Consultants).

ContactArjen van der Sluis

Tee Williams Associates

All of our training is now live, online until we can safely meet again. We trained FIA #1,000! We train globally, at a time you choose in your time zone. We can use your platform (e.g., Zoom, etc.) or Adobe Connect. We offer three training modules that can be combined for either FIA v4.0 or Data Licensing Specialist Certifications:

  • Module 1 — Market Basics: How the market functions and the technology that supports it;
  • Module 2 — Data Basics: Data creation, usage, content, and the business of data; and
  • Module 3 — Licensing Basics: Definitions, concepts and process of data/service licensing.

Each module requires approximately 6.5 hours to complete.

Content based on the FISD: FIA v4.0 (Level 1) Syllabus (Modules 1 & 2); or FISD Data Licensing Licensing Specialist (Level 2) Syllabus (Modules 2 & 3)

Fee: Three fee structures 1) individuals paying personally 2) companies paying for individual employee(s) 3) Fixed-fee per company group

Contact: Tee Williams