JCV Investment Systems Appoints New President

15 February 2023: JCV Investment Systems, LLC, the premier provider of market data consulting services for information providers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike McCrea as President of the firm effective immediately. Mr. McCrea has been with JCV for just over 8 years and has spent over 25 years in the market data industry across multiple constituency groups (consumer, vendor, exchange). Mike McCrea was quoted as saying, “our business has expanded significantly during my tenure at JCV, helping an increasing number of exchanges and specialty content providers with the protection of their intellectual property rights. I look forward to leading our dedicated team in the next phase of our growth story, with planned expansion of our service offerings and geographic presence to a more diverse client base.”

“Mike McCrea is one of the most respected and experienced leaders of the Market Data Industry, JCV is fortunate to have him as our new President. We are in an exciting industry where evolutionary change is a constant.

Our business is protecting intellectual property and assisting with policy development. Mike’s experience, skill set and leadership qualities more than match the challenges and growth that lies ahead.” Joe Veneziano

About JCV
JCV is celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2023. Originally founded in 1993, business activities were centred on building out trading floors. Services were eventually expanded to include training for Reuters DACS and Kobra. Today, JCV’s focus is on providing services to exchanges and content providers, assisting them in managing and protecting their intellectual property. JCV has extensive knowledge and experience related to market data consultancy, compliance reviews, administration, sales and staffing solutions. JCV also provides a number of software products including JCV Audit Genie, which is an automated verification of subscriber honesty statements and JCV Project Web which tracks and manages all compliance reviews.

For further information, please contact:
Michelle Tuthill – Corporate Communications
Email: info@jcvisys.com
Phone: 860-537-6747

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