Managing Product Communication in the COVID-19 Era

This session will address the vital aspects for managing product communication and product management that are needed for exchanges and data providers to deliver quality service. Exchanges, data vendors, and financial institutions will share their perspectives on how the industry’s communication and product management practices have been dealing with the crisis. Panelists will provide examples of communication practices in support of change management and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that should be emulated, as well as opportunities for improvement. Throughout, the speakers will tie in the FISD’s Service Level & Communication best practice recommendations as a guideline for future industry behavior.


FISD is the global forum of choice for industry participants to discuss, understand, and facilitate the evolution of financial information for the key players in the value chain including consumer firms, third party groups, and data providers. It is a dynamic environment in which members identify the trends that will shape the industry, and create education opportunities and industry initiatives to address them.

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