New York Issue Brief – Part 1

Opening – Speaker: Tom Davin, Managing Director, FISD/SIIA

Host Sponsor Welcome Host: Rich Winter, Global Head, Market Data and Information Analytics, Fenics

Keynote: Decisions, failures and too much data – a view from the cockpit Speaker: Omri Shtayer, Chief Executive Officer, Lagoon Omri is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Lagoon, a no-code data intelligence platform that empowers investors to make better investment decisions by providing access to the relevant data in the blink of an eye. Prior to Lagoon, Omri served as a major in the Israeli Air force, flying F-16Is and in charge of a joint forces air command cell. In that role, he created tools that allowed him to make better strategic decisions in real-time, plan his missions faster, and remove obstacles for mission-critical communications. In this briefing, Omri will compare the data challenges and available tools facing investors with his experiences in the cockpit of an F16.

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