New York Issue Brief – Part 2

New Member Briefing: Barchart
Speaker: Mark Wator, Head of Sales – Financial & Media, Barchart

Fireside Chat: Decentralized Finance – A New Data Frontier
Interviewer: Kirsten Wegner, CEO, Modern Markets Initiative
Speaker: Jim Greco, Head of Quantitative Trading, Radkl (a GTS company)
Crypto currencies are rapidly changing the face of trading, investing and data. In this fireside chat, hear from two experts on the front lines of digital assets discuss the future – and impact – of DeFi, data access and regulatory challenges. Moderator Kirsten Wegner, the CEO of the Modern Markets Initiative, will interview Jim Greco, head of quantitative trading at Radkl, a new and exciting crypto trading firm launched by global market maker GTS and funded in part by Steven Cohen of Point72.

Google vs. Oracle Supreme Court Decision – Effect on Financial Services Industry
Speaker: Joel Wolfson, Associate General Counsel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
The U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Google v. Oracle case concerns what API computer code can be protected by copyright law. But the decision is about the copyright “fair use” doctrine in a broader context, and so has much to say to those in the financial industry.

New Member Briefing: Crizit
Speaker: Ethan Shen, Managing Partner, Crizit

FISD Update

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