RA Capital Selects Xenomorph for Bio-Tech and Financial Data Management

NEW YORK, LONDON AND BOSTON – July 5, 2022. Having completed an extensive selection process and subsequent proof of concept, RA Capital selected Xenomorph to deliver a comprehensive enterprise data management solution for their bio-tech and financial data needs.

Xenomorph provided RA Capital with an enterprise data management platform that met their requirement for robustness, scalability and performance. Xenomorph’s future-proof data model coupled with its support for all data vendors and ability to match companies and drugs from multiple data vendors were key to the platform’s selection. The solution also enables the reconciliation of data from multiple sources and provides event notification to interested parties and systems.

“We were diligent in the selection of RA Capital’s data platform. We wanted more than a standard security master, we wanted a true data platform product that can handle all types of data across industries, and providers. Many products in the market are an offshore consultant team disguised as a product, we were careful to rule those out. We ran a rigorous RFP process and a detailed POC before finally selecting Xenomorph”, Chris Caliri (CIO, RA Capital).

“Xenomorph’s ability to support complex hierarchical data structures with multiple relationships, across a variety of entities, was critical to the success of our project. Customizable data management rules allowed RA to merge and enrich company, person and drug data, across several internal and external data providers. The Xenomorph team was not only a dedicated implementation partner but also provided valuable guidance throughout the project”, Ernesto Gonzalez (Sr BSA, RA Capital).

“A key requirement was the ability to store biotechnology-related data, such as drugs, catalysts, events and clinical trial data as well as more standard security and price data. This also included a complicated set of inter-relationships between various data elements. Xenomorph’s ability to handle any type of data, over any frequency and from any industry – out of the box and without any changes to the product – proved to be critically advantageous to RA Capital”, Mark Woodgate (Founder, Xenomorph).

“The 300+ person years of R&D that have gone into the product enable a configuration over customization approach, ensuring a timely and on-budget implementation. These principles, combined with RA Capital’s clear and precise guidance, were fundamental to the success of the project. Xenomorph has cherished its initial involvement with RA Capital and we very much look forward to being part of their exciting future”, Naj Alavi (President, Xenomorph).


About Xenomorph

Xenomorph provides trusted data management solutions to many of the world’s leading financial institutions. The company has more than two decades’ experience managing large volumes of complex data and analytics. Over that time, we have consistently reinvested in our technology, culminating in our latest generation enterprise data management platform. We empower businesses by delivering simple solutions to complex data management challenges. Our platform was built to manage the most sophisticated data management requirements, from pricing complex OTC-traded derivatives, running multi-factor investment models through to managing risk factors globally for the biggest banks.

For more information on Xenomorph, our clients, services and solutions, please visit here.

About RA Capital

RA Capital Management is a multi-stage investment manager dedicated to company formation and evidencebased investing in healthcare and life science companies developing drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, services, and research tools. The firm’s portfolio of private and public companies spans the globe and most therapeutic areas across all stages from discovery through commercialization. We are committed to fostering diversity at RA, in our portfolio companies, and in the broader biotech community.

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