Avi Rosenbluth

Portfolio Manager

Always a data-driven analytical professional, Avi’s long career in finance has spanned a wide spectrum: banking and investment management, liquid and illiquid assets, equities, FX, derivatives and structured products. The common theme throughout these experiences has been relying on data, traditional as well as alternative, to improve business outcomes. During his tenure with Goldman Sachs, Avi advised issuers and investors on portfolio valuation and structuring. Later, on the buy-side, he focused on implementing data-centered investing as a portfolio manager with AQR Capital Management, a large systematic fund.


With degrees in Math and Engineering and with an MBA from Wharton, Avi focuses on the practical aspects of harvesting data in financial services. The teams he leads and the projects he directs successfully navigate the unique challenges of the financial services industry, and convert data into useful, reliable, cost-effective, compliant and trusted assets.

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