Pivot Your Brick and Mortar: Advice and Ideation to Aid Your Foot-Traffic Reliant Business to Drive Customers.

Running a brick and mortar business is incredibly different now that we’ve experienced a global pandemic. More people are shopping online now, and health and safety standards are top of mind for consumers as they shop for the holidays and long term onward. Attend this session to learn how to balance communicating what your business is doing to keep them safe, while best telling your story and leveraging your assets to drive foot traffic.


Social Media for Small Businesses: Maximize Your Online Exposure and Brand to Build a Loyal Following for Your Business

Growing a following on social media platforms today is always changing. Which platforms should you spend time on? Should you focus on paid ads or organic followers? What makes content ‘good”? Join us to hear from small business experts on things you can be doing every day that give you the biggest ROI for your business on social media


Make the Most of Outdoor Seating: Utilizing Patio and Sign Ordinances for Your Restaurant’s Advantage

The weather in Greater Phoenix is changing and so are opportunities to maximize restaurant space. While restaurants in Arizona haven’t been able to use outdoor space over the Summer months, Chicago, New York City and San Diego have. Attend this visual session to see examples of the best ways your business can maximize outdoor space.