Singing in Tune: Can ESG Data Be (Easily) Aggregated – and Monitored?

Join us for a panel followed by a 30 minute Q&A on how market data vendors and exchanges are developing data sets and portals to address the Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) disclosure process.  Uniformity will be critical for international investors and financial institutions to manage data and disclosures across multiple markets and asset classes to aggregate and analyze ESG risk

  • What are exchanges and market data vendors doing to address needs for objective ESG data?
  • Will there be ESG-specific investment products?
  • Are there transparent methodologies for ESG data measurement today?
  • Are there any discussions about procedures to monitor sustainability data and to detect “greenwashing”?
  • Will ESG information providers quantify risk to facilitate convenient aggregation of ESG variables and real-world impact?
  • What distribution and technology platforms are vendors and exchanges using for ESG data?

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