FISD Newsletter – January 2022

New Job Opening at FISD: Program & Project Director

FISD is seeking a highly qualified person for a new position that will be based in NYC or DC. The primary focus of the Program & Project Director is to develop event content and working group activities for FISD members, and manage projects associated with these activities and other FISD initiatives. We are looking for someone established in the financial information industry who can leverage (and build on) their knowledge and project management skills to produce superior event content and member engagement opportunities. The qualified candidate will immediately take on responsibility for existing working groups and event content development, and will be expected to identify new opportunities for member programming and activities. The job posting can be accessed here and submissions can be sent here. If you have thoughts or questions on this opening, contact Tom Davin.

Service Level & Communications Working Group Re-forming in 2022

The Service Level & Communications working group is ending a brief hiatus and meeting next month to take on new topics and challenges. As a reminder, this working group focuses on enhancing communication and service provision between content providers, and the distributors and end-users of their data. The group has created and updates best practice recommendations and brings members together to discuss current communication and product management issues related to the introduction and modification of content providers’ products. In the first meeting, scheduled for February 15, we will revisit the mission of the group and its various activities, including the various programs that it has run to assess and recognize data providers’ adherence to best practices. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Tom Davin.

Register Now for ESG 2.0 – Next Steps!

This is your last chance to register for the FISD Webinar: ESG 2.0 – The Next Steps. This 60 minute session will be accompanied by an extra 30 minutes afterwards for Q&A from the viewers. Thus, enough time to listen to our panel of experts and participate in getting all your questions answered. 

The subject matter will take us to what has the market learned so far to help us know what customers really need today in respect of ESG data (including delivery formats) and for the next few years ahead. How do consumers pick and cope with the over abundance of ESG data, especially as its not all the same or difficult to benchmark? Where are the true USP’s from vendors and what is truly valued by the market, clients, regulators in this strong growing segment? Are the E-S-G components valued equally by consumers and what would consumers design in this category if they had the chance to be the data creators?

Please contact David Anderson or Tristan Dehaan if you have any questions. We look forward to you joining us and participating too.

Let’s Talk About the FISD FIA!

Think back on your personal career trajectory. It probably wasn’t a straight line from university to the market data industry. Experiential learning got you where you needed to be, but it took time. If you’re hiring a group of bright-eyed graduates and career changers you may need to wait months or years for them to become truly proficient. Or you can help them compress that timeline with the FISD Financial Information Associate (FISD FIA) certification. 

The FISD FIA is the only credential designed specifically for market data professionals. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of a broad range of industry information they’ll need to do their job as well as communicate effectively with colleagues and clients. Exam material is divided into four major categories:

  • Markets: This includes the trade life cycle, major asset classes, market participants, key job functions, and the role of the markets.
  • Data: This includes sources, providers, types of data, uses of data, and commercial arrangements.
  • Technology: This includes connectivity, hardware, messaging, algorithmic trading, data management, and cloud computing.
  • Issues & Trends: This includes commercial trends, economic issues, regulations, and typical contract terms.

Want to give your new team members an edge? Download the FISD FIA syllabus PDF now to see everything they’ll learn.

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