FISD Webinar: New frontiers for Market Data…beyond the Status quo – and why you should care

Some amongst us have said it can feel like we in market data are stuck in a rut – but consider how our industry has changed:

New types of data; new types of users; new asset classes; new ways of using data; new technology – and let’s not forget new people in our sector. We should assess how are market data lives have changed and will change further in the imminent months and years to come. Alternative Data was once very new (and shiny!), it’s still fresh in our minds. Crypto, DLT, DeFi, and Digitized Assets are hurtling towards us. Interest in Fintech and technology in general continues apace. Our industry landscape and those participating are changing in front of our eyes.

When written down it becomes clear how much has changed, we are NOT stuck in a rut. The point of this discussion is in part to identify and better understand the key changes – but as importantly it is to explore the consequences of that change AND for us all to consider how best to adapt. As the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus stated – “change is the only constant in life”.

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