FISD Technology Forum 2018

David Anderson

Program Director, FISD/Atradia

David Anderson is a well know market data consultant. He has worked in the market data industry since 1984 – including roles with Telerate, Bishopsgate Systems and from 1989 13 years with Reuters culminating in various global marketing roles; in respect of market data systems (e.g. Triarch and RMDS). Since January 2002 David has been operating Atradia (, a management consultancy practice focused on the market data industry. He has been quoted commenting on the market data industry in major publications. David edited the respected annual ‘IMD Reference’ book between 2003 and 2009. He instigated the SIIA/FISD initiative to create a professional certification program for market data practitioners. David also acts as a Program Director for a variety of other FISD activities including EMEA focussed events; the Exchange Constituent Group (ECG); the FISD Technology Forum; the FISD Buy Side Group; and the FISD Cloud Working Group. David and Atradia operate from the glorious countryside of West Sussex UK.

Ken Brady

Global Head of Market Data, Morgan Stanley

Ken is the Global Head of Market Data responsible for strategic data requirements, procurement and vendor provider strategy for Morgan Stanley Globally. Ken joined Morgan Stanley from Merrill Lynch where he was the Global Market Data Technology manager for the Institutional Business. Prior to Merrill Lynch Ken was with EJV partners in the early start up phase and before EJV Ken managed the Open Systems Group for Reuters. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as well as an Masters in Business Administration from the Columbia University Business School. Ken has participated in a number of industry associations including the SIFMA Market Data Committee and the FIF Executive Committee.

Don Callahan

Global Head of Market Data Infrastructure, HSBC

Don has been Global Head of Market Data Infrastructure at HSBC for many years. Prior to joining HSBC Don held market data roles at Republic National Bank and JP Morgan.

Vinko Grskovic

Lead Development, Metamako

Vinko Grskovic leads Metamako’s development efforts in the Communications & Data Center space. Over the past 25 years, Vinko has sought disruptive technologies to provide companies with a competitive edge. He began his career as a developer and QA engineer at Office of the Future which pioneered iterative development and operations before agile development and DevOps were coined as terms. As an early advocate of VOIP, he was instrumental in launching the first IP based trading turrets and was the first US employee of what is now TMX Atrium. During SDN’s early days, Vinko was a key member of the product team at Vello Systems which was a founding member the Open Networking Foundation. He also led the efforts to build and deploy one of the largest SDN networks leveraging Plexxi to deliver a global network with over 100,000 route miles serving financial and enterprise clients alike. Vinko’s focus on embedded networked FGPAs and ultra-low latency switching are helping clients solve latency and functionality challenges leveraging Metamako’s industry-leading technologies.

Drew Hodun

Cloud Machine Learning Specialist , Google

Drew is a Machine Learning (ML) Specialist on the Google Cloud team. He advises Financial, Autonomous, and Tech customers implementing cutting edge ML use cases and systems on Google Cloud and in hybrid environments. His work ranges from operationalizing ML to TensorFlow to GPU/TPU perf tuning. Drew has been at Google for two years and has also has worked extensively with customers on Big Data, and Containers / Kubernetes. Before Google, he was a Cisco Systems engineer for two years and also worked in Big Data and Network ops for the Cisco Data Center group. He studied as an undergrad at Santa Clara in Applied Physics.

Stephen Malinak

Chief Data and Analytics Officer , TruValue Labs

Dr Malinak previously served as Global Head of Content Analytics for Thomson Reuters, where his team developed innovative predictive analytics and evaluated novel data sets. Stephen worked as Director of Quantitative Research for StarMine prior to its acquisition by Thomson Reuters. He has a Ph.D. and M.S. from Stanford in Engineering-Economic Systems.

Jim Mancuso
Worldwide Sales Leader for Software Defined Infrastructure, Financial Services , IBM
Jim Mancuso is the IBM Worldwide Sales Leader for Software Defined Infrastructure, Financial Services Sector. A senior software industry executive focused on high-performance computing, machine, and deep learning. He will discuss how IBM software defined infrastructure solutions enable a modern data-driven, intelligent infrastructure approach which is critical to reducing the cost, increasing efficiency and driving competitive advantage.

Brian McCallion

Founder and Cloud Architect , Bronze Drum Consulting

In 2011 Brian mentioned Xignite at a presentation on cloud computing and nothing has been the same since. Known for Cloud strategy and architecture, as a hands on member of a great team Brian works with customers and his team to help capital markets firms gain an edge through adoption of Cloud technology. Brian specializes in designing, developing, and implementing AWS cloud solutions for hedge funds, market data firms, and business units in larger financial firms.

Praveen Rawat

Partner Tech Evangelist (ISV Strategist ), Microsoft

Praveen Singh Rawat is a Partner Tech Evangelist in Microsoft. He is a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for key, strategic ISV partner company’s in the US. He is the technical account owner of a portfolio containing over 15 strategic ISV corporations in the US. He has 19 years of broad industry level decision making experience driving top line growth, developing successful partnerships, leading Tech/Product strategy, Enterprise transformation, development and integration initiatives. He has a proven track record exponential top line growth in managed ISV partnerships. He is supported by technical industry experts including Cloud Solution Architects (Azure), Dynamics architects and Office 365 architects. He is a speaker in multiple ISV partner and Microsoft events. He delivered the ‘Intelligent Cloud 2016’ talk in Microsoft’s Tech Leaders Forum in New York City and Azure Jump Start presentations in 2016 and 2017. These talks were broadcasted live in 15 cities to over 60 enterprise corporations.

Edward Reder

Account Partner, Global Business Services, IBM

Ed Reder is an Associate Partner with IBM Global Business Services based in New York. Ed Reder began his career with ADP and worked for software startup firms before joining IBM. Ed has a background in enterprise-wide analytics, cognitive solutions, and related data science services

Jonathan Roberts

Solutions Director, Capital Markets NA, Colt

Jonathan is the Solutions Director for Colt Capital Markets in the Americas, having relocated to New York from London six months ago to support Colt’s growth in the region. He’s been with Colt for 7 years, and has over 20 years sales engineering and product management experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry. His role at Colt involves leading a sales engineering team that matches customers business requirements to innovative technology solutions. These solutions include low latency connectivity, exchange and proximity colocation, market data, PrizmNet Extranet connectivity, cloud connectivity, managed IT infrastructure, and traditional telecoms services. Prior to joining Colt he worked for BT Radianz as a sales engineer, and originally comes from New Zealand where he worked for Telstra.

Steven Roe

CEO, West Highland

As founder and CEO of West Highland Support Services, Steven Roe has been a pioneer in the managed services industry providing cloud based managed services to financial firms for over 20 years. Mr. Roe is responsible for developing innovative solutions that increase visibility and operational efficiency while maximizing ROI. He also leads a professional services team which advises and executes on enterprise audit, transformation, optimization, and development initiatives.

Lauren Stevens

Senior Vice President, Senior Director, Content and Technology Solutions Strategy, FactSet

Senior Vice President, Senior Director, Content and Technology Solutions Strategy
Ms. Lauren K. Stevens is Senior Vice President, Senior Director Strategy for FactSet’s Content and Technology Solutions at FactSet. In this role, she is responsible for analyzing market research and determining the direction of the FactSet content, cloud, and technology strategy. Since joining FactSet in 2006, she has worked as a Consultant until 2008 and then as an Economic Specialist until 2013 when she assumed her current role. Ms. Stevens earned her B.S. in Policy Analysis from Cornell University.

Dina Xu

Director of Business Development, Xignite

Dina is a Director of Business Development at Xignite, a provider of market data cloud solutions for financial institutions and financial technology companies. At Xignite, Dina works with clients to implement APIs and help them migrate their market data infrastructure to the cloud. Prior to Xignite, she spent 14 years at S&P Global across marketing, sales, and partnerships. Most recently, Dina focused on channel partnerships working with analytics and Fintech companies. Dina has lived and worked in China and Australia and was responsible for opening Capital IQ’s business in China, where she led their go-to-market efforts

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