27 First Place Winners Announced for the 2020 SIPAwards Competition

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27 First Place Winners Announced for the 2020 SIPAwards Competition

WASHINGTON, DC (June 2, 2020) – In a live, virtual ceremony, the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) today named 27 first-place winners in its 41st annual SIPAwards competition, recognizing excellence among publishers in editorial, marketing and product success. The winners were announced following the virtual SIPA 2020 Annual Conference June 1-2.

“The SIPAwards showcase the top-notch journalism and valuable solutions specialized publishers provide for the niche communities they serve across the globe,” said SIIA President Jeff Joseph. “Now more than ever, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the editorial excellence provided by this crucial marketplace. SIPA members inform news and trends in industries that are the backbone of the global economy.”

Multiple category first-place winners include BioWorld, Money-Media, Relias, Behr’s Verlag, Industry Dive and Communications Daily. The judging was conducted by 30 specially chosen industry peers. Two special awards were given: The David Swit Award for Best Investigative Reporting went to Education Week for “Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming.” And the Margie Weiner Award for Best New Success Story went to Copyrightlaws.com for their pre-pandemic Zoom On In sessions.
“We heartily congratulate all of the winners on their exceptional content, successful marketing initiatives, and impressive product success,” said Amanda McMaster, SIPA’s managing director. “The winning entries truly embody the spirit of the awards, which is to continue to exceed industry standards and set new benchmarks for performance and efficiency.”
Here are the 2020 SIPAward first-place winners. For a complete listing, please see the SIPAwards website.

Editorial Categories

  • Best Blog or Commentary
    Magna Publications
    For Those Who Teach
    Maryellen Weimer
  • Best Daily Publication
    BioWorld – The Daily Biopharmaceutical News Source
    Lynn Yoffee, Jennifer Boggs, Michael Fitzhugh, Karen Carey, Peter Winter, Anette Breindl, Randy Osborne, Lee Landenberger, Mari
  • Best Editorial Video Work
    FundFire – Money-Media
    What Are Opportunity Zones? FundFire Explainer
    Tom Stabile, TJ Fabian, Deepti Agnew
  • Best Instructional, Scientific or Technical Reporting
    Relias Media
    “Code Melancholia: A Review of Depression for Emergency Physicians,” Emergency Medicine Reports
    Frank J. Edwards, MD; Sandra M. Schneider, MD; J. Stephan Stapczynski, MD; and Shelly Morrow Mark
  • Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting: Business/Marketing/Other (tie)
    SHRM Online
    All the Lonely People
    Agenda – Money-Media
    A Window Into One Board’s Executive Comp Overhaul
    Amanda Gerut
  • Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting: Financial/Investing
    Bitter Harvest
    Maura Webber Sadovi, Maria Chutchian, Farhin Lilywala and Paula Seligson
  • Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting: Health Care/Regulatory/Education
    Industry Dive – BioPharma Dive
    Jacob Bell, Ned Pagliarulo, Kim Dixon
  • Best Interview or Profile of Someone in Your Industry
    Industry Dive – Food Dive
    With the Dairy Industry in a Sour State, Borden CEO Plots Comeback for One-Time Milk Giant
    Christopher Doering and Megan Poinski
  • Best Newsletter or Ezine (non-daily): Business/Marketing/Other
    The Habitat Group
    Commercial Lease Law Insider
    Glenn S. Demby
  • Best Newsletter or Ezine (non-daily): Financial/Investing
    Irving Levin Associates
    Health Care M&A News
    Lisa E. Phillips, Dylan Sammut
  • Best Newsletter or Ezine (non-daily): Health Care/Regulatory/Education
    Relias Media
    Hospital Infection Control & Prevention
    Gary Evans; Patrick Joseph, MD; and Jason Schneider
  • Best Podcast
    Behr’s Akademie
    Report for the Food Industry: Best Podcast on iTunes After 5 Days
    Arno Langbehn, Deniz Dag and Jette Heinsohn
  • Best Series of Articles on One Topic –Business/Marketing/OtheR
    Energy Intelligence Group
    Flaring in the Permian
    Deon Daugherty
  • Best Series of Articles on One Topic – Financial/Investing
    Life Annuity Specialist – Money-Media
    Clashing Over Claims
    Richard Bedard, Rachael Zisk, Daphne Zhang
  • Best Series of Articles on One Topic – Health Care/Regulatory/Education
    Transforming Drug, Med-Tech R&D With AI
    Karen Carey, Mark McCarty, Mari Serebrov, Elise Mak, Jihyun Kim, Tamra Sami, T.V. Padma, Anette Breindl, Stacy Lawrence, Peter
  • Best Single Feature Article
    Agenda – Money-Media
    How Directors Are Dealing With Gun Violence
    Stephanie Forshee and Jennifer Williams-Alvarez
  • Best Single-Topic Special Publication
    Communications Daily
    Special Report on Emergency Communications
    Adam Bender, Howard Buskirk, Matt Daneman, Jonathan Make, Jimm Phillips and Monty Tayloe
  • Best Spot News or Single News Article
    Communications Daily
    Spot Coverage of Net Neutrality
    Adam Bender, Howard Buskirk, Matt Daneman and Jimm Phillips
  • Best Use of Data
    FundFire – Money-Media
    Just Nine Foundations Control Over 30% of the Market
    Alana Pipe
  • The David Swit Award for Best Investigative Reporting
    Education Week
    Schools Are Deploying Massive Digital Surveillance Systems. The Results Are Alarming
    Benjamin Herold, Maya Riser-Kositsky, Emma Patti Harris, Lesli Maxwell

Marketing Categories

  • Best Awards Program
    Government Executive Media Group
    Government Hall of Fame
  • Best Infographic
    Biopharma Stocks Up 26% on Average Since Debut with Karuna
    Karen Carey
  • Best New or Relaunched Website
    Hello Future, Goodbye pdf: BioWorld Delivers News of Medical Innovation on New Modern Platform
    Lynn Yoffee, John Borgman, Cean Howman, Andrea Applegate, Ann Marie Griffith, Amanda Lanier, Holland Johnson, Jennifer Boggs,
  • Best Use of Social Media
    Behr’s Publishing House
    Musical Birthday Greetings to Xing Contacts
    Arno Langbeh, Jette Heinsohn and Deniz Dag
  • Best Use of Video in Marketing
    Behr’s GmbH
    Strange New World: Today the Company Applies to the Applicant
    Arno Langbehn, Jette Heinsohn and Deniz Dag
  • Best Webinar, eLearning or Online Training Program
    Informa Pharma Intelligence
    Delighting the Customer: Pharma Intelligence Journalists’ Coverage of Real-World Evidence
    Bridget Silverman, Mary-Jo Laffler, Raj Bahra
  • Margie Weiner Award for Best New Success Story?Copyrightlaws.com
    Zoom On In Copyright
    Lesley Ellen Harris
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