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Thursday, January 21
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM


FISD Introduction


Tracey Shumpert FIA Vice President of Membership and Programs

10:05 AM - 11:00 AM


Alternative Data Council: Defining Ethical Behavior in Web Data Collection

Web data collection, colloquially known as “web scraping data” is one of the most popular categories of alternative data, and yet also one of least clearly regulated.  In order to bridge this gap, the Alternative Data Council has stepped in to define and promote good collection behavior for the benefit of web property owners, vendors and consumers of this information.  Members of the Council will discuss why guidelines are needed in this segment of alternative data, the sub-topics that the group is covering, the value of web scraping to the market, and promoting ethical behavior through industry organization.  This webinar will be appropriate for anyone interested in web scraping.


Max Abend    Vice President

Sarah McKenna   CEO

Elizabeth Pritchard   Founder

Danny West    Vice President & Senior Counsel

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