Professional Certification Case Study – Samantha MacKay

Samantha MacKay, Senior Manager – Market Data and Supplier Governance Analyst, Macquarie Asset Management Sydney

This is a case study of Samantha MacKay’s experience pursuing FISD Professional Certifications.

This case study has been edited for length and clarity. If you’re interested in discussing your experience with FISD Certifications in a case study, please contact Adam Stanton, Manager, Professional Development.

Why did you choose to invest in FISD Professional Certifications?

To enrich and review my understanding of Market Data concepts.

What benefits have you seen since completing your FISD Certifications?

The [certification] assisted me to identify areas and concepts that I need to further develop and increase my exposure in.

What are some examples of real business results that have occurred since your FISD Professional Certification?

Since completing the FISD [FIA certification] there have been a handful of Market Data concepts that have come across my desk that I previously wouldn’t have been able to add a lot of value to, such as ISIN and ISO standards and ESG data points. The course increased my basic understanding of these concepts that I was then able to apply in my day-to-day role.

What is your advice to those considering FISD Professional Certification?

If you’re working in the Market Data, Data, Data Technology or Trading space I would recommend completing this [certification] to assist in supporting your foundational understanding of the core concepts and/or test your knowledge to do your role properly.

I would highly encourage those who are early or even experienced in their role to [get the FIA certification], particularly given the data space Is constantly evolving and changing and is a good way to keep up with trends, test your knowledge and/or build understanding.

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