Ottavio Gisler

Head Market Data Services

Ottavio Gisler joined SIX Swiss Exchange in the Information Products & Indices department in January 1998, as Head of Market Feeds. During that time he served as responsible project manager in order to form and establish STOXX Limited as the leading European index provider. In 2001 he was founding member of SIX Exfeed Limited, the European provider of raw financial data. Here he holds a position on the Management Board of the company, currently as SIX Head Sales & Product Management Market Data. Since the company’s foundation he has been responsible for spearheading SIX Exfeed’s market data business side, which has been showing sustainable and profitable growth in recent years. He started his career in 1987, as a registered floor trader at the Basel Stock Exchange with Swiss Volksbank. Prior to joining SIX Group, he spent more than a decade in the financial industry in New York, London, Basel and Zurich in a range of business roles such as portfolio manager, pension fund investment advisor and as a registered trader. He graduated from business school in Basel and acquired in-depth specialist knowledge at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the New York Institute of Finance in the field of advisory services for pension funds, financial analytics and trading.

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