There’s Nothing Like a BIMS 2020 Quiz to Test Your Industry Knowledge

Like many others, we pay tribute to the great host Alex Trebek with this challenging, 8-question BIMS 2020 quiz (Dec. 2-4). One other similarity with Jeopardy at BIMS is that we’ll give you loads of answers and welcome all your questions! See how you rank here with your peers!

1. A talent scout for what popular TV reality show recently told BIMS keynote speaker Sherrell Dorsey that they use her platform The PLUG to stay informed on emerging start-ups across the nation.

a. Extreme Makeover

b. Kitchen Nightmare

c. Shark Tank

d. The Bachelor

On Day 2 of BIMS, Dorsey will deliver a keynote titled Audience Data: Creating Inclusive Connections to Grow Your Business. Register here for BIMS 2020.


2. Events expert Robyn Duda recommends doing all of these for your events, in-person or virtual, except what:

a. Look to other industries for positive examples.

b. Diversify your speakers.

c. Reach out beyond your usual audience. Talk to the people who are not coming to your events.

d. Start with a solution and then you’ll get at the problem.

Duda will be moderating an events panel that includes executives from Financial Times, Winsight and Emerald.


3. “The ____________ is the distillation of your message. Make sure you’re asking the customer to do what you want them to do,” said Jeson Jackson, marketing & customer experience manager, Education Week.

a. sale

b. offer

c. open rate

d. content

Jackson will speak with Charity Huff, CEO, January Spring, and Stacey Bailey, VP, Chartwell, Inc., in a session titled Marketing Pivot: How Are Publishers Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic Now?


4. “What we did was roll out three new featured weekly segments on topics that we don’t traditionally write about,” said Angela Kornegor, executive director, MedLearn Media, adding that they’ve driven traffic up 40%, and laid groundwork for more sponsor and advertising opportunities, and a new subscription model. Which is not one of their new weekly segments?

a. Thoughtful Thursdays

b. Frontline Fridays

c. Stay at Home Kids

d. The Saturday Post.

Kornegor will be on the panel for the session, Sales Leadership for Content Companies: Surpassing Your Sales Goals.


5. Staying with sales… According to a study last year by ValueSelling Associates, the most important skill for a salesperson connecting with new prospects is:

a. conducting research to identify target prospects who are decision makers.

b. getting an introduction via referral.

c. face-to-face networking.

d. Using social media to build personas.

Leslie Laredo, president, Laredo Group and Academy of Digital Media, will moderate a SIPA track session on Pricing Meets Opportunity: Case Studies in Success.


6. One big source of revenue that Kevin Turpin, president of the National Journal Group, implemented in their makeover was ____________________. “[Our members] knew the content but needed a workable format. We’re actually very good at that… Your customers have to feel like, ‘I pay a premium price point [but] they’re always there for me, they solve my problems, they ask to help.'”

a. newsletters

b. data products

c. presentations

d. sponsored content

Turpin will deliver the keynote talk on Day 3 of BIMS titled From Media to Intelligence: How National Journal Became a Premier Insights Platform.


7. Matt Bailey, lead trainer & founder, SiteLogic, is speaking about what when he says, “It can become its own science. It is the critical part that a lot of people forget about in this type of lead marketing or content marketing or even dealing with the funnel.”

a. the conversion

b. the landing page

c. A/B testing

d. the homepage

Bailey and Lauren St. Clair, group marketing director, Diversified Communications, will present the session Lead Gen Technology: Keeping the Engines Fueled. Also, Jim Sinkinson, partner, FiredUp! Marketing, will lead The Ultimate Copywriting Bootcamp: Emails and Landing Pages. So you will leave BIMS 2020 with full copywriting, landing page and lead gen knowledge.


8. Lydia Richards, our professional sommelier for Cocktails and Connection, was asked, “What wine region of the world do you have a particular expertise or love for and why?” She replied, “I think there are so many amazing regions around the world (both known and emerging—English bubbly, anyone?), but right now I’m all about _____________.”

a. Portugal

b. Chile

c. South Africa

d. Spain

Richardson will lead a spirited discussion and tasting at 4:30, Dec. 2 in our Cocktails and Connection. Register here for BIMS.



1.c – Shark Tank


3.b – offer


5.a – conducting research to identify target prospects who are decision makers

6.c – presentations

7.b – the landing page

8.d – Spain. “Right now I’m obsessed with wines from the Canary Islands (Los Bermejos in Lanzarote), learning more about the Sierra de Gredos/Vinos de Madrid region (Las Moradas de San Martin and Commando G), and, of course, Galicia (Guimaro) are some of my personal go-tos,” Richardson said.



1-3 right – You have to register for BIMS 2020!

4-6 right – You have to register for BIMS 2020 and lead a forum!

7-8 right – You have to register for BIMS 2020 and come to Cocktails and Connnection on Dec. 2! But stay humble.

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