Professional Certification Case Study – Bernard Schut

May 15, 2024

Bernard Schut, Business Director, BIQH

This is a case study of Bernard Schut’s experience pursuing FISD Professional Certifications. Bernard Schut is Business Director at BIQH. His bio can be found here, and articles he has written for BIQH can be found here. If you’re interested in discussing your experience with FISD Certifications in a case study, please contact Adam Stanton, Manager, Professional Development.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Why did you choose to invest in FISD Professional Certifications?

I want to be a thought leader in the market data industry. This requires having knowledge about all the aspects of market data, ranging from the industry players to data licensing to the technologies being used. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure I know all the ins and outs of market data, including the terminology being used.

What benefits have you seen since completing your FISD Certifications?

Firstly, it has become a driver for my colleagues to obtain FISD Certifications as well. This is really important since I believe (especially young) colleagues should have a basic knowledge about market data. Secondly, it especially helped me to understand data licenses better. Finally, of course I broadened my knowledge and I am pretty sure now I can talk about all aspects of market data with my customers, prospects and partners.

What are some examples of real business results that have occurred since your FISD Professional Certification?

I improved our sales and marketing collateral by using the right terminology and explanations like those set out in the FISD certifications. Secondly, we improved the knowledge about market data within our company. Finally, especially the DLS Certification helped me to interpret market data licenses way faster and better.

What is your advice to those considering FISD Professional Certification?

The FISD Certifications helped me to be on top of market data knowledge and industry trends.

I recommend FISD Certifications to everybody who is entering the market data industry, the FIA certification is a must-have.


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